Fiber Drink

Fiber Drink

• Use a jar with a lid or blender
• Diluted juice or rice milk (room temperature or warm) 4-6 oz
• Fiber of choice 1tsp to 3tsp
• Optional additions may include
1. An EFA oil (e.g. Renew Oil Smart)
2. Protein powder (e.g. Renew Fit Smart or Hemp powder)
3. Flaxseed water (pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1tsp of whole flaxseed and soak overnight. In the morning pour the water into your fiber drink and eat the swollen seeds in a salad, granola, etc)
4. Herbal Tinctures e.g. Spago and Genesis juices
• Shake or Blend well and drink immediately
• Take once a day for routine fiber intake. First thing in the morning prior to exercising or as a quick breakfast is preferred by many. However, late afternoon or before bed is preferred by others. Never take immediately after a meal since the fiber swells and could make for discomfort.


Use organic castor oil (Heritage brand seems to be the best). Soak a rectangular piece of flannel (12”x 6”) with castor oil (not dripping). Place flannel over targeted area. Place plastic wrap over the flannel, so any oily surface is covered. Cover the plastic wrap with a light cloth or towel. Apply a hot water bottle or heating pad for 20 - 30 min.

Repeat daily, if necessary, until resolution. Excellent to do when bowel cleansing.

Save the soaked flannel in a plastic bag for repeated treatments; just rub fresh castor oil on your skin and apply the flannel pack as before. The same flannel can be used for several treatments over a few weeks, before needing to start anew.

If you have a Far Infrared device, use over the skin directly with the flannel and plastic wrap, etc.


For healing the lining of the intestinal tract, improving absorption and for clearing mucous deposits in the intestines. An excellent source of essential fatty acids.

In the evening, take 1 Tbs. of flaxseed and pour 1 cup of boiling water over the seeds. Let sit overnight. In the morning, drain off the liquid. Combine the liquid with juice or herb tea, or add to your cleansing drink.

If you would like the liquid in the evening as well, use the same seeds and pour boiling water over again. Soak throughout the day and repeat, pouring off the liquid. Use the swollen seeds in salads, on porridge or cereals.