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Celebrities seem to have it all: beauty, money, fame and power. Though the celebrity lifestyle is a coveted one, it has its trade-offs. Celebrities sacrifice privacy for fame. Never before have photographers, or paparazzi, been more intrusive in trying to obtain that “million dollar” celebrity snapshot. Particularly prized are photographs of celebrities looking unattractive. The “going-to-the-gas station, hair-in-a-scrunchie, no-makeup” style that many “regular” people take for granted can humiliate a celebrity and even harm their career and endorsements. This is particularly true with female actresses and models and their skin. These women are expected to be naturally beautiful and may lose their fan base and livelihood if it is proven otherwise. How do female celebrities and models maintain perfect complexions? This article will focus on California acne treatment.

Acne is a common skin disorder and almost 100% of people suffer at least one acne breakout in their lifetime. Though models and many celebrities may be genetically blessed, they are still human beings prone to skin conditions such as acne. In California, acne treatment for celebrities is big business. There are a number of acne treatments used by celebrities that range from holistic, to cosmetic, to absurd.

Celebrities have to eat healthy, exercise, and drink water to help prevent acne breakouts. Yoga and other methods of reducing stress are popular among the celebrity set. Detoxifying the body by use of a colonic (where water is flushed through the large intestine) is another popular method of losing weight and preventing skin conditions. Because looking beautiful is their job, most celebrities require a small army to help them maintain their appearance. Each model/actress is assisted by no less than a dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, makeup artist, hairdresser, and personal trainer.

Popular celebrity cosmetic acne treatments include emergency cortisone shots which are injected directly into pimples to reduce swelling, weekly and even daily facials, laser treatments, photo-facials which remove sun damage and kill bacteria, Microdermabrasion, acne scar injections, and chemical peels. The Silkpeel, which is similar to Microdermabrasion but also treats the skin with salicylic acid, kojic acid, or other liquids, is a popular California acne treatment because it also treats hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles.

In California, acne treatment regimens for celebrities come at a price. Those that can afford to maintain strict skin care regimens will see results. Though the rest of us may not be able to afford such luxury, we also don’t have to worry about paparazzi zapping our photo at an inopportune time. Celebrity skin care comes with the job, and the whole world is watching.

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