Dundee Training Stable

Dundee Training Stable

Dundee Training Stable is owned and operated by Carl Reiche and Tracey Dikkers. We have many years of experience training a wide variety of horses of all breeds - AQHA, APHA, ApHc, warmbloods, Arabians, Saddlebreds, drafts, mules, and many crosses of all different varieties. Our own breeding program consists of Arabians, and our showstring are also Class A Arabians, although we often have many other breeds in the barn.

We have trained and shown Arabians to the National level and have been quite successful in the Class A circuit. We don''t believe in pushing our horses and treat each horse as an individual! We do not promise our customers 30, 60, or 90 day miracles, as each horse will tell us how long it will take to reach individual goals. We communicate with our customers on a regular basis, keeping them posted on their horse''s progress and encourage owners to call or visit as often as they like.

All training horses enter our barn with the assumption that they know nothing - even if they do! We will find out quickly what kind of background they have as we begin working with them. They start with the kindergarten basics: leading (many horses do not lead properly - not respecting the handler''s space, walking over or into you, etc.), backing, tying, hoof cleaning, and moving away from pressure. They are then taught to longe quietly and obediently, and to accept a surcingle, bridle, snaffle bit, and side reins, all one step at a time at the horse''s own individual pace. When they have mastered the above and are accepting of the bit and mild bit pressure from loose side reins, they are introduced to ground driving. They will then be introduced to the saddle and will longe and ground drive with that until they are willing, accepting, and comfortable. This is the stage when we will first get on the horse (or hitch it if it is for driving). If all work has been done properly, and the horse is willing and not fearful, we usually have very little trouble with our first rides.

We teach the horse to respect us but never to fear us. We do not whip or physically abuse any horse, or use any other severe or forceful training techniques, but we do demand respect. We reward by frequent positive reinforcement throughout each session and phase of training. The above ground work on the "average" horse will take anywhere from 30-60 days if the horse has no previous training background, but again we treat each horse as an individual. Some horses with a history of solid ground basics can progress very quickly, others with a history of neglect or abuse will of course take longer. We want to gain the horse''s trust as well as respect. We use our own training methods based on years of experience and observations that we have made over the years from a variety of respected trainers in the industry. We do not follow any specific Lyons, Parelli, or other approach although we do incorporate many of their principles.

We encourage owner involvement as much as possible, so the owner understands our methods and how their horse has been trained prior to returning home. We will work with individual schedules and try to assist in setting up convenient appointments. Dundee has an open door policy and you are welcome to stop in any time to visit your horse. Workout times do need to be scheduled in order to keep other appointments on time. Owner participation is welcomed in the show arena as well. As mentioned, we have a Class A Arabian show string. We will train and show horses with as much or as little participation as the owners choose - it is their preference. Tracey can show your horse for you and/or assist the owner with riding in AOTR classes. We attend anywhere from 8-14 shows a year, and owners can pick and choose which if any shows they want their horses to attend.

Training includes board, feed, training, and turnouts, but does NOT include any vet, farrier, or show costs. If interested in the details of training rates, please look at our training rate information. We do require horses entering our barn to have a current negative coggins, recent worming and up to date vaccinations of EWT, Flu, Strangles, and Rhino. This is for your horse''s protection as well as for the protection of other horses in our barn.

If our services sound like what you are looking for, please give us a call at (608) 938-2410 or email us at dundee@mail.tds.net.

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