2010 August Colon Health Online

2010  August  Colon Health Online

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Is there a more natural product to use for bowel prep before a sigmoidoscopy?

I’ve read that the Fleet enema kit ( or any of their products )is not the best and safest way to “cleanse” before a GI procedure.

I’m actually afraid to use this product but my doctor ordered me to use an enema after dinner in preparation. I then spoke to the nurse and she mentioned that I have to take a SECOND enema the next morning ( 1 hour before the procedure) If I consume a light liquid diet all day and fast for the rest of the evening do I really need to take the second enema the next morning? I’m really confused.

Herbal Body Detox Diet and Colon Cleanse Product – MyLipoCleanse

Oxy-PowderTMis unlike other colon cleansers. It uses a proprietary process of creating oxides of magnesium. The 15 to 20 pounds of compacted fecal matter inside your colon is liquefied and flushed out. While psyllium and other fiber products simply scrape matter out through the center of a clogged colon, Oxy-PowderTM removes old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and cleans the entire colon. …

Dr. Schulze’s – Dr Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #1 90 vcaps

The Dr. Schulze’s, Dr Schulze’s intestinal formula No.1 90 vcaps promotes regular, healthy and complete bowel movements. This product stimulates and strengthens the muscular movement of the colon. The major ingredients include aloe, senna and cascara sagrada….

Applied Nutrition Dual Action Cleanse with Green Tea Fat Burner Bonus

Dietary SupplementAs Seen on TVDual-Action CleanseFlatter Abdomen Less Bloating Feel Energized Feel Clean Inside with Anti-Gas/Anti-Bloat Enzymes*Includes:Bottle One: Total Body Purifier 60 Tablets Bottle Two: Colon Clear 90 Tablets Bonus Product Inside – 30 Count Liquid Soft-Gel Green Tea Fat BurnerMillions of people have already benefited from a powerful message seen on TV across the country. Th…

Homozon Colon Cleanser Oxygenated Natural Magnesium and Oxygen – Gentle, Fast Results, Easy to Use, Non Toxic

Keeping the body and it’s components, the cells, in top working order is imperative. There is no better way of detoxifying the body and thereby the system, organs and cells of the body than through enhancing the oxidative/reductive mechanism…or, as Dr. Warburg said, to literally “flood the body with oxygen. .The foremost of which being its’ immense oxidizing properties, as well as its’ effective…

Presenting a detailed eight week plan for promoting good health and longevity by effectively cleansing the liver, this best selling guide comes complete with groundbreaking recipes for healing soup and raw juice concoctions. Extensively revised and updated, this revolutionary manual contains informative sections that examine natural therapies for revitalizing the liver—including reversing a f…

There Are No Incurable Diseases: Dr. Schulze’s 30-Day Cleansing & Detoxification Program

“Your body has the ability to heal itself completely of any and all disease.” Dr. Richard Schulze Dr. Richard Schulze’s 30-Day Intensive Cleansing and Detoxification Program. At last, a serious Detox that’s clinically proven, powerfully effective and life changing. This program is for anyone who has been told by their doctor that their disease is “incurable.” Modern life exposes us to th…

Cleanse & Purify Thyself. Book One: The Cleanse

The 2007 edition of Dr. Anderson’s best-seller, Cleanse & Purify Thyself, Book 1 is newly edited for the 21st century, easy-to-read and contains numerous handy references. This is probably the best book on internal cleansing that you will ever read. It tells you how to create an internal cleansing program for yourself, and it leaves you with no doubt as to why you would! This is informative…

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