Why Is Fitness Important For TeenagersThe

Why Is Fitness Important For TeenagersThe

Why Is Fitness Important For Teenagers

The practice of physical activity in childhood and adolescence appears to be something of little interest to most parents, who leave physical education in the hands of teachers at the school, almost always dressed for football matches or other sport for kids who are interested.

Considering that development is influenced by the physical activity level you have, it is important to encourage the youngest to practice sports and make some kind of physical training. In this connection, the bodybuilder Xisco Serra published an article in Ironman magazine entitled Physical activity and fitness in childhood and adolescence, where he raises some guidelines for developing a fitness program aimed at younger visitors.

The approach suggests that if one wants to generate habits related to physical activity that last from infancy to old age, it is necessary to develop viable training plans that can be performed both at school and beyond, as part of usual activities. If these plans are effective and allow young people to benefit from them is important to remember that they are in growth phase, so the coach should not insist with the physical appearance or strength of adolescents.

In workouts the teenager should be taught proper training techniques for all moves that are made in programs, including breathing techniques, emphasizing that the exercises should always be made in a controlled manner. When working with weights, use those that allow for at least 8 repetitions per set, as it is not intended to be a work force at this time. As you can see the progress of training, initially increase the number of repetitions in order to improve endurance.

In summary, there is no reason to stop our sons to go to a fitness club and start with a simple program of resistance training, though: always under control, advice and guidance of a personnel training coach and with experience in working with these age groups.

Why is fitness important for teenagers? - Many parents are asking why is fitness important for teenagers. Fitness is important for everyone, not just teenagers and has the same benefits, regardless of sex, age or color. Here is a list of benefits: Improves muscle tone; Increases elasticity; Improves body strength.

Beauty; Helps you lose weight; Reaffirms key areas; Removes cellulite; Increases the production of regenerative hormones.

Health - Increases blood flow; Improves posture; Reduces production of stress hormones. Sports - Increase throughput; Increases the maximum strength; Uploads the growth of the hormone level; Speeds recovery between workouts; Increase power, agility, coordination

Medical-Therapy - Accelerate rehabilitation after injuries and operations; Helps prevent and treats diseases-muscular; Improves gait and body balance; Reduces the risk of falls in older people; Increases energy level and well-being. Fitness also prevents the risk of several diseases and cancer types, so it would be a shame not to encourage your young ones to practice this extraordinary sport. They will develop better and be healthier.